OS1.50d for Elektron Machinedrum released

The good people at Elektron ESI AB have released a major update of the OS for the Machinedrums, just in time for christmas! This update is both for the MD classic and newly released MD mkII. Here are the most noteworthy ones:

  • Four new CTR (control) Machines are available – each controlling one of the master effects. Yay!
      • Also some (much needed) bugfixes on the behaviour of the RAM machines is introduced
      • UNDO functions has been implemented for a lot of operations.

      When I got my MD a few years ago, after getting to know the basics, one of the first thing I thought was “hm, shouldn’t it be possible to do have parameter locks affect the internal effects?” Now you can, for example, control the delay time or feedback values for the Rhyhtm Echo by using parameterlocks. Doing the same with the gate time for the gate box, EQ parameters and compressor settings surely opens up a lot of possibilites.

      Some of the CTRL-machines added in earlier revisions of the OS didn’t have the possiblity of using the LFO’s to control parameters, something which is understandable for practical reasons. The new effect control machines however can have LFO’s routed to them – also a neat function.



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